“My great joy comes from seeing the transformation of confidence and countenance that comes from knowledge. Over the past decade, I’ve played product roles from 2-man seed stage startups to multi-national enterprises across e-commerce, medtech, ad-tech, and more, learning through billion-dollar exit successes and million-dollar product failures just the same. While I’ve produced many products I’m proud of, none have given me greater satisfaction than the many people I’ve mentored up the product hierarchy of competence as a manager, university lecturer, and corporate trainer. I believe product skills can change the destiny of companies and of careers because I’ve seen it again and again, and I’m delighted to contribute my voice to PM Campus.”

Ian Randolph,
Ex-Trainline PM, Yale, LSE

Everything can be better. To make this true in a way that is commercially valuable, human-centred and sustainable is what motivates me to get to work. Designing, developing and launching products cuts through the noise and inefficiencies with which businesses typically work. To value and to be valued based on creating and manifesting new possibilities is something I practice, learn and focus on. Our world and our society need people who can create what doesn’t exist – but delivering at scale and in consideration of all humans and systems. I sincerely hope that our experiences and journey can help accelerate and contribute to the superpowers you gain and make your own. Enjoy and please let us know if we can do more and better!

Ben Silcox,
CTO of Publicis Groupe

“My joy stems from creating products that deliver genuine value to people. Through my personal experience breaking into product management, my goal is to create the field more accessible for every entrepreneurial soul.
I hope that PM Campus can have the same effect on you, as my mentors have had on me. I would consider that mission accomplished. You can find me on LinkedIn here, or reach out to me at [email protected] anytime.”

Founder of PM Campus