Our Mission

Our mission at PM Campus is ambitious, yet simple. We want to support like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to make a mark in the product industry. This is a hugely diverse sector where restrictions often prevent both entry and success. Our objective at PM Campus is to circumvent the gatekeeping that disproportionately limits the younger and more financially constrained groups from accessing higher levels of tech related education.

Product development is a fairly recent phenomenon too. Our role is to present you with career opportunities in this field, by teaching you the principles, without a high financial hurdle. You have the motivation, the ability to learn; we simply unlock doors for you.

About Us

There’s an often used idiom called “talk the talk, walk the walk”. It’s where knowledge and experience dovetail with each other. Our founding team talk and walk. We know, from experience, that breaking into the tech industry can be, to put it politely, something of a challenge. We’re a young team of engineers and product people, who can guide you through product development, with accessible, affordable learning and on to worthwhile careers. We’ve witnessed closed doors and financial barriers first hand. So, we put our product hats on and got to work, bringing us to where we are today, opening the door for everyone who wants to follow us in!

Our Values:


We see inclusivity as one of the biggest assets to product teams, hence why we want to put emphasis on increasing diversity and inclusion in both our user-base and internal team. Did you know, for example, that between 2014 and 2020 the number of black employees at Facebook increased from only 3% to 3.8%? Diversity statistics within the tech industry have always been extremely discomforting, yet product management as a role is built around the idea of seeing things from as many perspectives as possible.


One of the ways education is best received and given is through mentoring. We’re committed to matching you with highly skilled mentors to guide you through our content and grade your work. We don’t believe in cutting corners, especially when it comes to education and we try to take that supportive approach with everything we do at PM Campus.


It’s very likely that you’re currently still new to the world of product development and haven’t yet found your feet, so to speak. Our own team have felt that, remember.  Please be assured that it’s completely fine to feel out of place at times, which is why we use empowering language and positive actions to increase confidence in the people we work with.


We take education very seriously, as it has both a short and long term impact on student behaviour and comprehension. Although we aim to keep our prices as low as we possibly can, we’re committed to maintaining a premium quality.


Nobody should have to overwork themselves to learn and try new things. It’s important to us that we keep both our courses and work enjoyable and fun to help all of us get us through the day with a smile. After all, product development needs to go hand-in-hand with human development.